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Cake Improver

Self Raising Flour Improver is a very good leavening agent that acts on flour used for multipurpose Food/ Bakery/Cakes/Pastries Application. Self Raising Flour Improver balances the pH of the flour resulting in better gas retention in the end product.

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Cake Gel

We have cakegel under the name of “CAKESPICE”, Cakegel improves the grain size, texture, softness retention and volume, this is flagbearer product from us which utilises recently introduced molecules and methods that make it a really next generation product! Cakegel is actually a cake improver which improve quality parameter of cake sponge.

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Corn Syrup

Our offered ranges of Corn Syrup are excellently processed at well equipped processing unit. They are developed under hygienic environment and easily used by different age groups. Our Corn Syrup is delivered using customized packaging.  We have emerged as one of the top most name in the industry for our extensive range of products.

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